Learning Trigonometry
Online Flash Cards
Instructions: These Flash Cards and Memory Cards are designed to help the user learn trigonometry. The sample files listed contain questions related to the WebTrig online trigonometry tutorial. (Files for subsequent lessons will be coming soon). When you open one of the files, a randomly selected question card will appear on the screen. There are three buttons at the bottom of each card: “NEXT” - reveals the next question card; “HINT” - reveals a hint for the current question; and “ANSWER” - reveals the answer and solution for the current question. The hint and answer cards also have appropriate links. A calculator icon on a Flash Card indicates a question or part of a question that requires the use a calculator. All other questions should be attempted without a calculator. Pencil and paper may be used as needed when using the Flash Cards. Memory Cards are marked with an "M". You should be able to answer these questions from memory. Click one of the selections below to begin.
            Flash Cards
Introduction to angles (Lesson 1)
The trigonometric functions (Lesson 2)
Right triangle trigonometry (Lesson 3)
Sine and cosine graphs (Lesson 4)
Other graphs (Lesson 5)
Trigonometric Identities (Lesson 6)
Trigonometric Equations (Lesson 7)
           Memory Cards
The trigonometric functions (Lesson 2)
Trigonometric identities (Lesson 6)