3450:436/536 Mathematical Models
Spring 2014

Policy sheet

Homework Sets

Homework 1, due Monday 27 January
Homework 1 for 536 students, due Monday 27 January
Homework 2, due Wednesday 12 February
Homework 3, due Monday 24 February
Homework 4, due Wednesday 5 March
Homework 5, due Wednesday 2 April
Homework 6, due Wednesday 9 April
Homework 7, due Wednesday 30 April


Hints for Homework 1 problem 4
Some comments on technical writing
Some examples of technical writing
Word file for technical writing examples
Overview of ODE solution techniques

LaTeX materials

LaTeX tutorial (pdf output file)
LaTeX tutorial (tex source file)
tex source file for Homework 1
tex source file for Homework 2
tex source file for Homework 3
tex source file for Homework 4

Early Examples

The Pendulum:
pendulum.m: MATLAB file
pend.pdf: Plots

Hours of Daylight:
hoursofdaylight.m: MATLAB file
hours.pdf: Plots

Tools for ODEs Examples

perturbation.m: MATLAB file y' = -y + epsilon*y^2
pert.pdf: Plots for y' = -y + epsilon*y^2
harvesting.m: MATLAB file for fish harvesting
harvest.pdf: Plots for fish harvesting
projectileperturbation.m: MATLAB file y'' + epsilon*y'+1 = 0
projpert.pdf: Plots for y'' + epsilon*y'+1 = 0

simpleepidemic.m: MATLAB file for a simple epidemic
simple.pdf: Plots for a simple epidemic
generalepidemic.m: MATLAB file for a general epidemic
general.pdf: Plots for a general epidemic
recurringepidemic.m: MATLAB file for a recurring epidemic
recurring.pdf: Plots for a recurring epidemic
delayedepidemic.m: MATLAB file for a delayed epidemic
delayed.pdf: Plots for a delayed epidemic
phaserecur.pdf: Phase plot for a recurring epidemic

Phase Plane Diagrams:
Link to phase portrait tutorial
phase.pdf: Phase plots for the first examples
LSA.pdf: Phase plots for the linear stability analysis examples

Predator Prey Model:
predprey.pdf: Phase plots for the predator prey model
predatorprey1.m: MATLAB file for the predator prey model with exponential growth
predatorprey1.m: MATLAB file for the predator prey model with logistic growth
Probabilistic Models:
birthday.m: compute the probability of a duplicate birthday
weather.m: Markov chain for weather
markovpit.m: Markov chain for pitting corrosion
markovpit2.m: Markov chain for pitting corrosion, absorbing state version
whalefarm.m: probabilistic growth
reliability1.m: reliability of communication satellite
reliability2.m: find maximum allowable failure rate
queue.m: M/M/1 queue simulation
Hong_F.m: Hong's corrosion model, Poisson process
mcBuchheit.m: Monte Carlo corrosion model based loosely on Buchheit's model
traffic1.m: Position of a single car with variable speed