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The yt4pdf package uses the rmannot package to embed a special SWF file to play the YouTube videos. There is a complete set of buttons
that come with the package to control the video: play, pause, stop loading, rewind, load a video by its YouTube video ID, and a button to
view a video on the YouTube web site. Adobe Acrobat 9 or later is required to author an document; only Adobe Reader 9 is need to view the created yt4pdf document.

I believe that I was vaguely aware of the YouTube ActionScript 3.0 Player, but never pursued it because of my general lack of interest in YouTube ( Recently, I came across a very nice demo PDF that used the API, see "PDF Tube - YouTube API wrapper for PDF documents" (this page has since been removed). The SWF file and JavaScript are made freely available, so I downloaded it, and was sufficiently impressed to port the example to LaTeX using various members of the AcroTeX Fine Family of Software :-{). The SWF file and (some of the) JavaScript are due to the good folks at UVSAR ( The UVSAR's sample demo also appeared in the forums of the Acrobat User Community.

  1. The yt4pdf distribution
  2. yt4pdf_man.pdf : Preliminary documentation on the yt4pdf package.
  3. yt4pdf-1.pdf : demonstrates the basic functionality of the YouTube RMA: the use of the custom poster, \ytComboList,
    \ytComboBtn, and \ytvId.
  4. yt4pdf-2.pdf : Experiments with different ways the YouTube annotation can be displayed along with its control buttons.
  5. yt4pdf-3.pdf : Illustrates the usage of the play and load keys that are passed in the optional parameter of \ytRmAnnot.

Advanced examples will appear, in time, on the AcroTeX Blog


Now I simply must get back to my retirement!