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Last Update: 5/6/99

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(5/6/99) Published two LaTeX packages for people who want to create interactive exercises and quizzes similar to what I do in the e-Calculus tutorial. See the webeq.html startup page.

(10/28/98) WebTrig is here. A colleague of mine, Dr. Thomas E. Price, Jr., has written a tutorial on trigonometry.

(9/24/98) Web site advertisement, advert.pdf. (For Download this poster, print it, and post it where interested people can see it.

(9/10/98) Using LaTeX to Create Quality PDF Documents for the WWW The title pretty much tells it all. If you are interested in putting technical material on the WEB using the pdf, this article is for you!

(7/29/98) PDF Flash Cards: Elementary Arithmetic generates random arithmetic problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division); the operation is user selectable. There is also a timing device for drilling against the clock. Running totals and success percentages are maintained as well.

(6/5/98) Pdfmarks: Links and Forms: Two part article on how to create the hypertext links and other special effects seen at this website. Very technical. For those who want to develop their own sites using the same techniques as I use.

(4/8/98) A PDF Calculator by Hans Hagen. Very Nice! Uses Forms 3.5. Best run "off-line."

(1/31/98) Algeboard/JS that uses Acrobat Forms 3.5.

Algeboard, as inspired by the work of Gary Cosimini of Adobe. An Algebra Quiz Board Game. Try it!


Now, I must get back to work!