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The JJ_Game Class
The jj_game is a macro class for LaTeX. The purpose of the class is to make the construction of Jeopardy-like games easy. Currently, the class supports dvipsone, dvips, pdftex and dvipdfm. The game constructed in a LaTeX source and, depending on your workflow, is converted to PDF. It is possible to construct a game with any reasonable number of categories and any reasonable number of question per category.
jj_game class is a Jeopardy-like game in which you compete for cyber money by answering questions composed by the game author. The questions can be multiple choice, math fill-in or text fill-in. Since the year 2000, many techniques have been developed, and this version of jj_game has many enhancements an new features:

The basic game can be constructed using dvipsone, dvips, pdftex and dvipdfm (untested in this version). Additionally, there is a pro option that requires the use of dvipsone or dvips and Acrobat Pro 7.0 or later with distiller. I have used the jj_game class in some of my classes for extra credit; for this purpose, the following features were developed.


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