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GraphicxSP is an extension of the graphicx package. GraphicxSP embeds the graphic in the PDF document once, and allows the document author to use and re-use that same graphic without significantly increasing the file size. Additionally, GraphicxSP supports Adobe transparency imaging model.

GraphicxSP is useful for repeated graphics like backgrounds, watermarks, company/universit logos and so on. The graphics produced by GraphicxSP appears to be clearer at high zoom factors than the same graphic produced by the classic Graphic package. Restriction:

This package requires that the PDF be created by Adobe Distiller, version 5.0 or greater for graphics without transparency, version 5.0 with transparency.

Acquiring graphicxsp

The graphicxsp package is available from CTAN.

Please contact me at should you encounter any problems, or have suggestions (features) to make.


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Last Update: 2019/12/02