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The fldigigal Package

The fldigigal package uses the rmannot package (Adobe Distiller workflow required) to create, what I am calling, an AcroTeX Flash Digital Gallery; that is, a Flash slide show that displays a series of digitals (PNG, JPG, GIF). The document author describes the digitals (path and caption) from the LaTeX source, on compilation, fldigigal write an XML file, which Distiller embeds in the PDF. The digitals may be embedded in the PDF, or reside on the Internet (reducing filesize). Three layouts of are offered at this time: vertical thumbnails, horizontal thumbnails, or no thumbnails.

  1. The fldigigal distribution
  2. fdg_man.pdf : Documentation on the fldigigal package.
  3. fdg_demo.pdf : Demonstrates the AcroTeX Flash Digital Gallery with vertical thumbsnails of the photos. All photos are on the server, so the file size is small (130KB).

Note: Update your rmannot package, some minor changes were made to accomodate the fldigigal package.

Advanced examples will appear, in time, on the AeB Blog site at


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