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The cntdwn package provides three types of timers:

  1. A short countdown (or count up) to an event. (Short being defined as less than one day.) The short countdown is designed for talks, presentations, or any short time period, like an online quiz. There are three notification times that to announce to the speaker and audience that time is running out.
  2. A long countdown to an event in the (distant) future. There are three notifications leading up to the main event (when counter reaches 0 seconds), and three notifications following the main event.
  3. Clock counters. The cntdwn package allows you to create a clocks that display time and date. Clocks can show local time or time in any
    foreign time zone.

Extensive customizations are possible, either by redefining commands, or creating your own JavaScript functions (using the eforms package) to
handler the various notification time events.

Requirements: The eforms and hyperref packages.

The Distribution:

Simple examples of each type accompany the distribution, advanced examples will appear, in time, on my AeB Blog site at


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