This site is primarily dedicated to mathematical education. All files at this site, save only some start-up html pages, are in the Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF).
Note: Get the latest version of the Acrobat Reader: Acrobat Reader 5.0, or later. The term 'AcroTeX' refers to the process of producing the mathematical material:

  1. TeX, the premier mathematics typesetting system, is used to compose the material, a PostScript file is produced;
  2. Adobe's Acrobat software - the distiller - is used to convert the PostScript output to PDF format.
Below are links of categories of PDF applications, some of general interest, others are of a more technical nature.


Title Description
Reader 3.0+
e-Calculus is a Calculus I tutorial. Features include verbose discussion of topics, inline examples and exercises with solutions, multiple choice quizzes, and pop-up graphics
Algebra Review in Ten Lessons

Reader 3.0+
Algebra Review in Ten Lessons is a review of (high school) algebra. Though written to prepare a student for the Math Placement Exam II at The University of Akron, the tutorial is suitable of all students. Features similar to e-Calculus.

Reader 3.0+
Webtrig is a World Wide Web tutorial by Dr. Thomas Price covering the basics of trigonometry. The lessons include an introduction to angles and their measurement, definitions of the trigonometric functions, gaphs of trigonometric waves, an introduction to trigonometric identities, and techniques for solving trigonometric equations. (Note: A work still in progress.)
The Motion Mountain Project

Reader 3.0+
Off-Site Physics Book: Motion Mountain, by Christoph Schiller, is an undergraduate physics text which will give a simple but vivid introduction into the way modern physics describes motion. It covers classical physics, relativity, quantum theory, and already includes some of the results of recent unification efforts. The text guarantees a surprising or challenging idea on each page. Over 200 pages are already available.

Probability Tutorials

Reader 3.0+

Off-Site: Probability Tutorials, by Noel Vaillant, is a web site that offers tutorials in measure theory, lebesgue integration and probability. Work through these topics by solving a series of exercises (solutions provided). (Uses Web/Exerquiz Packages)
Sample Exams Off-Site: David Arnold and Don Hickethier of the College of the Redwoods have prepared a series of sample exams for their courses in Trigonometry, College Algebra, and Differential Equations. Check the exams for the Spring 2000 semester. You may want to explore David Arnold's web site for additional resources of interest. (Uses Web/Exerquiz Packages)

Note: David Arnold also has a series of Jeopardy-like games.

Support Materials

Reader 4.0+
Off-Site: Mathematics - Support Materials by Robin Horan and Martin Lavelle of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Plymouth, Plymouth, U. K. This is a series of tutorials on mathematical topics, with applications to chemistry and physics. Currently, there are 16 packages, with more to come. (Uses pdftex with Web/Exerquiz Packages)
Interactive Numerics

Reader 4.0+
Off-Site: Numerics - Interactive by Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse of the Department of Computer Science, Hochschule Bremen, Bremen, Germany. Basic numerical mathematics (precision of computation, vector calculus, functions, computation of zeroes and of integrals, solving ode's) presented in an interactive way. (Uses pdftex with Web/Exerquiz Packages)
AcroTeX Online Assessment Center
Reader 4.0+
For several years now I have been working on online assessment. This web site is a first start.
On these pages you will find some practice exercises and follow-up assessments on elementary differentiation.
Tests for Calculus/Analysis, module 1
Off-Site: Tests for Calculus/Analyis by Guido Sweers of Dept. of Applied Mathematical Analysis, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands. A series of quizzes on complex numbers, functions, derivation, integration and ordinary differential equations. Good challanging questions. Written in English. Uses the The AcroTeX eDucation Bundle.
Learning Trig using Online Flash Cards

Reader 4.0+
Learning Trigonometry using Online Flash Cards by Ms. Katie Jones and Dr. Thomas Price of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics, The University of Akron, Akron, OH. A series of electronic flash cards that follow Dr. Price's WebTrig tutorial. The AcroTeX eDucation Bundle was used to produce the cards. This project was Ms. Jones' senior honors project. This project motivated me into writing a new LaTeX package called eCards.
Grade School Arithmetic

Reader 5.0+
This is a series of interactive arithmetic exercises on rounding fractions, on converting one fraction into an equivalent fraction, on reducing a fraction to lowest terms, and on adding fractions. The source files are available for download, feel free to expand on the exercises! To build your own exercises, the The AcroTeX eDucation Bundle is required.
Sir Isaac Newton - Knight Gallant of Science

Reader 5.0+
Sir Isaac Newton - Knight Gallant of Science by Dr. Nelliah Hariharan. A poem that dwells on the major achievements of Sir Isaac Newton in chronological order, from his birth to his knighthood. (6/09/04)

Note: There is another published work of Dr. Hariharan. Page 14 of the "Focus on Microbiology Education". The poem is Microbiology in Lilts and Rhymes (From the 1660s to The Golden Age).

Off-Site: gilligan-online (Mathe und Physik für Schüler und Studenten) a site by Jürgen Gilg and Simon Singer. This site includes online quizzes on a variety of topics, algebra, trig, calculus. Also includes an eCard (eKarten) demo. In German. Uses the The AcroTeX eDucation Bundle.
Exercises and Animations
Off-Site: Web page of Robert Mařík on various topics in mathematics, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, etc. Some interesting animations. Available in both Czech and English. Uses The AcroTeX eDucation Bundle.
A Little eBook of Calculus Tests A Little eBook of Calculus Tests by Dave Morgan of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. A collection of interactive self-tests and practice exams over the first semester of Calculus. Uses AeB.
Elementary Algebra Textbook Elementary Algebra Textbook by David Arnold and Bruce Wagner of the College of the Redwoods. A complete course in elementary algebra. Uses AeB and eqexam.
(In Spanish)
Off-Site: Matematicas by Fco Javier Glez Ortiz, a Spanish language set of tutorials that uses AeB.
Brückenkurs Physik Off-Site: Brückenkurs Physik is a website designed for entry level engineering students and is the creation of Günther Kurz, Heide Hübner, Jürgen Gilg and Simon Singer, based at the Hochschule Esslingen, Esslingen, Germany. Supported are the basic subjects of physics: tutorials of the appropriate theory are presented as PDFs, plenty of problems with detailed solutions, interactive multiple choice tests for self-evaluation as well with detailed solutions. The student can determine current knowledge level, and through the tutorials provided, improve knowledge and understanding of this area. This website is in German. Uses AeB Pro and GraphicxSP.


Technical Material
Title Description
Pdfmarks: Links and Forms
Reader 3.01
Forms 3.5
A two-part article on how to create hypertext links and form features using pdfmarks. Written from the perspective of a TeX user, the articles are interactive and highly informative. Postscript (and, of course, TeX) users can copy and paste code swatches into their own source document.
Using LaTeX to Create Quality PDF Documents for the WWW
Reader 3.0
"All you need to know about putting quality pdf documents on the web using LaTeX as the authoring tool!" I wish that were true, but, hopefully, you'll agree, it is a good first attempt.
The AcroTeX eDucation Bundle A collection of macro packages for creating an attractive pdf document suitable for viewing over the WWW. The packages, designed for LaTeX users, also make it easy to create interactive exercises and quizzes.
DIY: Web Design, Hyperref, and Web/Exerquiz This is a series of "Do-It-Yourself" Lessons on Web Design, an Introduction to hyperref and some of its useful options, and a short tutorial on using the Web and Exerquiz packages. These files were prepared for use at the PDF/LaTeX Workshop and the Workshop at the TUG`99 Conference.
JJ_Game Class This is a LaTeX class for constructing Jeopardy-like board game similar to my Algeboard/JS game
Some uses of PDF in the Educational Sector This is an article that I wrote for a web site called Equate!, which has since disappeared from the web. The article is now available from the AcroTeX site. A printable version is also available.
The eCards Package (05/18/03) This is a LaTeX package for creating electronic flash cards. Build upon the AcroTeX eDucation Bundle.
The eqExam Package (02/05/05) This is a stand alone LaTeX package for creating exams, tests, quizzes and homework assignments. It is tightly integrated, however, with the AcroTeX eDucation Bundle. The package can create documents with form fields into which students can insert their responses. The package comes with a server-side script for processing submissions.
Attaching and Linking (09/15/06) A short paper and interactive demo on how to attach a PDF document to another PDF document, and how to create a link from the parent document to one of its attached documents. The techniques require the use AeB (AcroTeX eDucation Bundle) and Acrobat 7.0 Professional (and distiller). Once the document is assembled, Adobe Reader 7.0 is sufficient. The document is self contained, with all source files attached. The linking system seems more suitable for working outside a browser. (Try it both ways.)
AeB Pro Family (11/26/06) A collection of LaTeX software package that use only Acrobat Distiller to create PDF.
GraphicxSP (09/01/07) An extension of the graphicx package, this package embed a graphic once and allows the document author to use and re-use the graphic many times without increasing the file size significantly. Acrobat Distiller required.
rmannot Package (07/06/08) A LaTeX package for creating rich media annotations to play SWF, FLV, and MP3 files in Adobe Reader 9.0.
AcroFLeX Graphing Bundle (07/06/08) A LaTeX package for creating interactive graphs within a PDF file. The packages uses a special SWF file developed using Adobe FLEX 3, and uses the rmannot package. Very cool!


Demonstration Programs
Title Description
PDF Classroom Demonstrations
Reader 3.0
A series of PDF slide shows suitable for classroom demonstrations.
New: (02/21/2000) The Tangent Line Problem.
Student PDF Manipulatives

The beginning of a series of "hands-on" PDF files for students to explore Calculus concepts.
New: (01/17/02) graphPDF, an example dynamic graphing in PDF


Reader 4.0+

This is an attempt a creating a quiz or practice questions that require the user to fill in the blank. JavaScript code attempts to determine if the answer is correct. This demo is a sample of seven differentiation problems. See the annoucement of this demo at PlanetPDF.
Note: The work of Drs. Wlodzimierz Bryc and Stephan Pelikan, The Online Exercise System, inspired this work.

PDF Presentations A discussion of various tools available to LaTeX users who want to create "Powerpoint"-type presentations. Included is a link to a new web site on this topic, Michael Wiedmann's Screen Presentations.


PDF Math Games
Title Description
Reader 3.01+
Forms 3.5
Algeboard/JS is a Jeopardy-like game, as inspired by the quiz board game of Gary Cosimini of Adobe. Uses JavaScript script to keep the score of the players. Anyone reaching a score of $7500 is given the title of Grand Poobah of Algeboard!
Giants of Calculus
Reader 3.0+
Giants of Calculus is a two-column matching game on some of the great names from Calculus. This PDF game uses links and form features to create the desired effects.
PDF Flash Cards: Arithmetic
Reader 3.01+
Forms 3.5
PDF Flash Cards generates random arithmetic problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division); the operation is user selectable. There is also a timing device for drilling against the clock. Running totals and success percentages are maintained as well.

Owl Adventures Math Game
3rd Grade Level
Reader 4.0+

Off-site: Owl Adventures Math Game is a Jeopardy-like game design for third graders. The questions were developed by the teachers of Willard Elementary School. Special thanks goes to Prof. William L. Kath who worked with me on the preparation of this game.

Class Quizzes

Reader 4.0+

Off-site: David Arnold of the Redwoods College is preparing a series of Jeopardy games for his classes on a regular basis. Go to main page for a listing: topics include
Math 50A (Differential Calculus),
Math 25 (Trigonometry),
Math 45 (Linear Algebra).
Note: David Arnold also has a number of sample examinations.
Reader 4.0+
Here is a fun game that I created for my son. We had many hours of good times together playing Tic-Tac-Toe. Best played off-line.
Naval Battle
Reader 4.0+
Naval Battle is a PDF game written by Craig Connor of Adobe Systems, Inc. Many thanks for letting me post this game.
Das Puzzle Spiel A matching game which, when completed, reveals a hidden message. Inspried by one of the worksheets of my son in pre-algebra class. The AeB is requied.
AcroTeX Peg Solitaire (APS) A peg game, consisting of fifteen pegs. Jump pegs and try to remove as many pegs as you can. Created using components of AeB, and driven by JavaScript. (06/27/07) Download to your desktop and play!


Title Description
Akron Math Community The Akron Math Community is a web site here at The University of Akron, Akron, OH devoted to developing educational materials for secondary and middle school teachers, as well as providing resources for students and parents.
LaTeX/PDF Workshop Notes, working files, and macros presented during this Workshop, held at the College of the Redwoods, April 30 through May 1, 1999.
TUG99 Handout Material

Handout and resource materials handed out a the TUG99 Conference, Vancouver, BC, CA, Aug 1999:
(1) The Web and Exerquiz Packages
(2) The technical articles on Using Hyperref to Create Quality PDF Documents for the WWW and the articles on Pdfmarks: Links and Forms; and
(3) a set of "do-it-yourself" files on web design, hyperref, Web and Exerquiz.
PS: A preprint of my talk at this conference is also available from TUG, the TeX Users Group. A complete program listing with hypertext links to preprints is also available. These are in PDF formst, naturally.

Now I simply must get back to my retirement!