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D. P. Story,
Associate Professor of Mathematics
A Note on the Retirement of D. P. Story
Where am I? (Reader 5.0 or later required)

I am now teaching, in retirement, at Northwest Florida State College, come visit me there.
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AcroTeX is a Web Site that is dedicated to mathematical education using the Adobe's Portable Document Format. Please visit and tell me what you think.

Try visiting my (commercial) AcroTeX.Net web site. The AcroTeX Blog, articles on PDF (JavaScript, forms, rich media annotations) and AeB (new features, tips and tricks)
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Local Links
  1. My father, Lt. Col. J.B. Story, USAF, ret., flew the B-26 in the Pacific during WWII. The B-26 Marauder Historical Society WWII Air War Archive has recently established itself at the PIMA AIR & SPACE MUSEUM in Tucson, Arizona. My Dad's war time diary is available over the internet and well as quite a lot of information about the B-26 and the heroic men that flew her.
  2. My father's story, `The STORY, An Autobiography', is available from Amazon. Click on Buy Amazon
  3. On a related topic. The US Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton, Ohio, is a nice drive from Akron. The last remaining flying B-26 is located at Fantasy of Flight.
  4. The MAPS Air Museam is located on the perimeter of the Akron-Canton Airport. They are a group of dedicated men and women who restore old planes---including the Marauder B-26!
  5. Inventure Place: The National Inventors Hall of Fame is here in Akron, Ohio. Why not go by and tip your hat to some of the people who made real positive contributions to our country and to all of humanity. I warn you most all are non-celebrities, and as such, are unknown to many celebrity worshiping societies. 
  6. Akron is the home of the NEC Tournament of Champions. While on the topic of Akron and sports, we have a new minor league baseball team: The Akron Aeros. They are a farm team of the Cleveland Indians. 
  7. The City of Cleveland is getting their Cleveland Browns back. Let's hope that makes everyone happy.
  8. Someone once told me that "Akron" is Greek for "hilly." Perhaps that is why the All American Soap Box Derby is inclined to be here. 
  9. Just a good punt south of here, in Canton, Ohio, is the Pro Football Hall of Fame 
  10. My favorite AM radio station in Akron is WAKR. Check out their Akron Links.
  11. In Cleveland is the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame...if you like that sort of thing. 
  12. Another point of interest: Why doesn't The City of Akron have a home page? Recent update, The City of Akron now has a website; I wonder how long it will be there?



   Associate Professor of Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, and Webmaster of same. (Actually, co-Webmaster; perhaps WebJourneyman would be more accurate.)
     Born in El Paso, Texas, in 1946. I stayed there for the first 6 months of my life. I then moved numerous times over a period of 19 years. I've lived for 9 years in Europe: 5 years in England and 4 years in France. I attended Toul-Rosiere Junior High, Toul-Rosiere, France, in `62, Verdun American High School, Verdun, France in `63, Alamogordo High School, Alamogordo, New Mexico, in `64, Choctawhatchee High School, Shalimar, Florida, in `65. (The list could go on and on.) am an Air Force Brat! I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Mathematics, The University of Florida

Recently, I've located my long-lost best friend from my "Brat Days". My good friend, Steve Blough, is found after more than 30 years of searching. We attended Verdun American High School together and had some great times; then, when Charles DeGaulle kicked all American military personnel out of France in `63, we moved to Holloman AFB, NM and attended Alamogordo High School together.

Steve is located in California, quite near to where I was when I was in San Jose in 2000 working for Adobe Systems. I found him by searching the Internet, believe it or not. He is the founder of and is a one of the leading experts in this sport. Why don't you drop by his site and buy something from my good friend.

Steve, I'm really happy that I've found you; I've missed you.