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Welcome to the Akron Math Community Website!

The Akron Math Community site is dedicated to providing mathematical, instructional, and web resources to teachers, administrators, parents, and students everywhere and, in particular, in the greater Akron area. The site is still in its infancy. Please check it periodically as we build what we hope to be a valuable and useful resource.

Mission Statement: The interplay of mathematical content knowledge, inquiry-based methodology, multiple forms of assessment, and integration of technology in the teaching-learning environment, envisioned by the authors of the NCTM Curriculum and Evaluation Standards [NCTM, 1989, 2000], has not yet materialized.

We seek to implement these goals by

bullet Exposing teachers to the interplay between rich mathematical content and the integration of technology in the teaching-learning process.
bullet Using this web site as a tool for enhancing the teaching and learning process.
bullet Using the web site to create a community of learners in mathematics.

Contact Person: Project leader is Dr. Antonio Quesada.
Through the years, we have been supported by grants from the following institutions: 


The University of Akron

bullet The Ohio Department of Education
bullet Ohio Board of Regents Eisenhower Grants
bullet The Knight Foundation
bullet The Summit Education Initiative
bullet Texas Instruments

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Many of the lessons on this website were written by pre-service teachers in classes and in-service teachers in workshops conducted by Dr. Antonio Quesada at the University of Akron (Ohio).  To the best of our knowledge, the lessons are original work; materials used from other sources are cited within the lessons.  Lessons are labeled, whenever possible, to indicate technology used within the lesson.  Most lessons developed using one technology can be adapted for use with other technologies.  Lessons using TI Nspire calculators (CAS and non-CAS) are labeled as such.  Some of the Nspire lessons are written in document form, while others are downloadable .tns files that can be uploaded into your Nspire calculators.

Contributors are also listed on a separate page, but this page admittedly requires updating.  If you contributed to a listed lesson and wish to be included in this page, please email Dr. Antonio Quesada at .


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