Joseph W. Wilder    w2


Vice Dean

Buchtel College of Arts & Sciences



Department of Mathematics










Contact Information


        Office:             245 College of Arts & Sciences Building (CAS)

        Phone:             (330) 972-8020





 Course Information



Materials for my courses can be found on the course Springboard sites.






Research Interests

My research activities have involved applied and computational mathematics involving a combination of mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, and scientific computation/simulation.   I have been actively involved in research (working with graduate students as well as undergraduates) on numerous interdisciplinary efforts (involving chemistry, physics, ecology, and various branches of engineering) leading to my interaction with faculty from diverse departments as well as researchers working for government agencies (such as the USDA and Department of Energy (DOE)). 

Here is a brief description of some of the research projects I have been involved in over the last few years.
You can also see a list of my
publications, and my grant funding.



 COMPASS Test Preparation

Students interested in a links to material that are helpful in preparing for the COMAPSSS Math Placement test should try looking at the links at: You can also find other links by googling COMPASS Placement Test.