We met three Michigan State students (left) on our way to Florence. They had the biggest backpacks I have ever seen!

We had dinner at a quiet restaurant just behind the horse's tail (see Rick Steves' travel guide on Italy).

While in Florence we took a day trip to Siena. The picture below is of the plaza in the center of town. The plaza is sometimes called the concrete beach. Siena was worth the time.

Above and to the left is a photograph of the Duomo in Siena.

Siena is famous for an annual horse race they have in the center plaza. Evidently, they are also famous for motorcycle races (above). The races can be a challenge when you consider the streets in Siena (below left).

The largest pizza Judy and I have ever seen.

The photograph to the right is of a pleasant couple we met at breakfast the day we left Florence. We regretted we couldn't spend more time with them.

We then took the train to Cinque Terra.