An online course in scientific document preparation



Introduction and Syllabus (Important dates)

Presentation (given at Ohio Section MAA)

Course Video Contents

Lesson 1: The Basics of Scientific Workplace -- (pdf file)

    1. Toolbars
    2. Special Characters
    3. Tables
    4. The Basics of Entering Mathematics
    5. Plotting
    6. Adding functions to plots

Project 1 (Due: Sept. 1)

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Lesson 2: The Basics of Scientific Workplace II -- (pdf file)

a.       An introduction to environments

b.      More on displayed equations

Project 2 (Due Sept. 3)

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Lesson 3: Screen and Document Appearance, More on Graphing (pdf file)

a.       Tag Appearance

b.      Marginal Cost

c.       Plotting squares and triangles

Project 3 (Due Sept. 8)

Review 1 (pdf file only) (Due Sept. 10)

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Lesson 4: Fragments, Definitions, Automatic Substitution, and Math Names (pdf file)

Project 4 (Due Sept. 13)

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Lesson 5: Matrices and References (pdf file)

a.       Determinants of 22 matrices

b.      Eigenvalues of 22 matrices

Project 5 (Due Sept. 15)

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Lesson 6: More Calculations (pdf file)

a.       Including details in a calculation

b.      Solving equations

c.       Combining and expanding expressions

d.      Changing the number of digits

1.      in the display

2.      in the calculation

e.       Simplification

f.        Ordinary differential equations

Project 6 (Due Sept. 20)

Review 2 (pdf file only) (Due Sept. 22)

Lesson 7: Aids to computing and navigation and front matter (pdf file)

a.       Interpreting Expressions

b.      Compute Menu and Toolbar

c.       Problems

d.      List of Figures

Project 7 (Due Sept. 24)

Lesson 8: Keys and references; understanding floats (pdf file)

a.       Keys and references

a.       Floats

Project 8 (Due Sept. 28)

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Lesson 9: Latex packages (style files) (pdf file)

Lesson 9b

Project 9 (Due Oct. 6)

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Review 3 (pdf file only) (Due Oct. 27)

Lesson 10: Graphs and citations (pdf file)

Project 10 (Due Oct. 8)

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Lesson 11: Horizontal and vertical spacing

No project for this lesson

Lesson 12: Matrices I (pdf file)

Definition of a matrix

Generating a matrix using SWP

Project 12 (Due Oct. 11)

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Lesson 13: Matrices II (pdf file)

Adding rows and columns

Transposition and trace

Project 13 (Due Oct. 13)

Lesson 14: Matrices III (pdf file)

Reshape command

Matrix addition

Scalar multiplication

Vector inner product

Project 14 (Due Oct. 18)

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Lesson 15: Matrices IV (pdf file)



Project 15 (Due Oct. 20)

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Lesson 16: Identities and determinants (pdf file)

Project 16 (Due Oct. 29)

Lesson 17: Invertible matrices (pdf file)

Project 17 (Due Nov. 3)

Comments Video 17

Review 4 (pdf file only) (Due Nov. 8)

Review 5 (pdf file) (Due Nov. 12)

Lesson 18: Exporting

Exporting documents using other formats

No project

Lesson 19: Invertible matrices (pdf file)


Project 19 (Due Nov. 17)

End of lessons