Resume: Stefan Forcey
Home Address                           School Address
311 D Reynolds St.                     Virginia Tech
Blacksburg VA 24060                    Mathematics Department
                                       460 McBryde Hall
Phone: (540)961-2471                   Blacksburg VA 24060
School: (540)231-4082                  E-mail:

                     -High School:  L.C.A., Lynchburg VA GPA 4.0+  (1993).
                     -Undergraduate:  B.S. in Mathematics with Computer Science  
                     concentration from Liberty University GPA 4.0  (1997). 
                     -Graduate: M.S. (2002) and Ph.D. (2004) in Mathematics from Virginia Tech 
                     Center for Statistical Mechanics and Mathematical Physics. 
                     -Math, Physics, Computer Science courses: see attachment. 
                     -Programming experience: C++, FORTRAN, PASCAL, PROLOG, LISP,
                     and UNIX shell scripts, including GAWK. 
                     -Operating system experience: MS Windows, Macintosh OS, UNIX, LINUX.
                     -Experienced in use of some HTML, MSDOS and visual BASIC.
                     -Applications experience: Matlab, Mathematica, LaTeX, MS Office, Corel applications. 
          -Framatome Technologies
                     Lynchburg VA . Job description included comparisons of, predictions of, and extrapolation 
                     from data measured in the reactor cores of nuclear power plants. 
                     Also used FORTRAN computer modeling of boiling water reactors for 
                     purposes of high level waste research. 
                           (Jan. 1996 - Aug. 1997) 
                      -Camp counselor, life guard and bus driver for Thomas Rd. Baptist Church
                     Lynchburg VA.   
                           (Summer 1995, 1996) 
                     -Life guard for Sandusky Swim Club, Lynchburg VA. 
                           (Summer 1994) 
                     -Volunteer assistance in preparing graphs of data related to
                    accelerator experiments for Dr. M.T. Pigott at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
                    I received minimal work experience here; but my interest in science was
                    sparked by being around scientists. 
                           (Summer 1991) 
Awards and Memberships:
                     -AMS member, 2000-present.
                     -Kappa Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society member 1994-1997, chapter president 1997.
                     -Freshman Computer Science Award, Liberty University, 1994.
                     -National Merit Finalist, 1993.
 Professional Interest: 
                     -I have a strong interest in physics and mathematics, as well 
                    as the use of computers in solving problems. I am especially  
                    interested in scientific research, but enjoy problem solving 
                    of almost any kind. 
                   Dr. Frank Quinn, Virginia Tech 460 McBryde Hall,
                   Blacksburg VA, 24061. (540) 231-6000.  
                   Mr. Claude Mays, Framatome Technologies Inc. 3315  
                   Old Forest Rd. Lynchburg VA, 24506. (434) 832-3000. 
                   Mr. Scott Robertson, Framatome Technologies Inc. 3315  
                   Old Forest Rd. Lynchburg VA, 24506. (434) 832-3000. 
                   Dr. Glynn Wooldridge, L.U. 1971 University BLVD. 
                   Lynchburg VA, (434) 582-2093.





Undergraduate Mathematics Courses
Course                  Text (s)                        Author(s)       Grade
Calculus I.             Calculus 5th ed.                S. Grossman.      A
Calculus II.            Calculus 5th ed.                S. Grossman.      A
Calculus III.           Calculus 5th ed.                S. Grossman.      A
Intro. to Statistical   Probability and Statistics      R. Walpole &      A
Analysis.               for Engineers and Scientists.   R. Myers.
Intro. to Mathematical  Intro. to Probability and       M. Engelhardt &   A
Statistics.             Mathematical Statistics.        L. Bain.
Intro. to Experimental  Design and Analysis of          D. Montgomery.    A
Design in Statistics.   Experiments.
Linear Algebra. *       Linear Algebra and              D. Lay.           A
                        its Applications.
Numerical Analysis.     Numerical Analysis 5th ed.      R. Burden &       A
                                                        D. Faires  
Abstract Algebra.       Abstract Algebra 5th ed.        Hillman &         A
Complex Variables.      Complex Variables               J. Brown &        A
                        and Applications.               R. Churchill.
Differential Equations. A First Course in               D. Zill.          A
                        Differential Equations.
Real Analysis.          An Intro. to Analysis.          W. Wade.          A



Undergraduate Physics Courses
University Physics I. **Physics for Scientists and      R. Serway.        A
                        Engineers  3rd ed.
University Physics II. **Physics for Scientists and     R. Serway.        A
                        Engineers  3rd ed.
Relativity and Modern   Modern Physics.         R. Serway, C. Moses       A
Physics. ***                                            & C. Moyer
Classical Dynamics. *** Classical Dynamics of           J. Marion &       A
                        Particles  and Systems.         S. Thornton.
Electromagnetic Field   Foundations of                  Reitz & Milford   A
Theory. ***             Electromagnetic Field Theory.



Undergraduate Computer Science Courses 
Course                  Text (s)                        Author(s)       Grade



PASCAL I and II.        Turbo Pascal.                N. Dale & C. Weems.  A
Theory of Programming   Programming Language            M. Marcotty &     A
Languages. *            Landscape.                      H. Ledgard.
Operating Systems. *    Operating  System               Silberschatz &    A
                        Concepts.                       Galvin.
Computer Architecture.  Computer Organization           Stallings.        A
                        and Architecture.
High Level Programming  Advanced C++.                   J. Coplien.       A
Artificial Intelligence.Artificial Intelligence         D. Patterson.     A
                        and Expert Systems.



Graduate Program Courses
Real Analysis  1 (1st sem.)Real Analysis.               Royden.           A
Real Analysis  2 (2nd sem.)Real Analysis.               Royden.           A
Complex Analysis  1     Basic Complex Analysis.         Marsden  &        A
Complex Analysis  2     Basic Complex Analysis.         Hoffman.          A
Classical Electromagnetism 1    Classical Electrodynamics.Jackson.        A-
Classical Electromagnetism 2    Classical Electrodynamics.Jackson.     (sat in)
Matrix Theory.                                                            A
Observational Astrophysics. **                                            A
From Calculus to Cohomology.                                              A
Introduction to Astrophysics.                                             A
Classical Mechanics.                                                      B
Introduction to Abstract Algebra.                                         A
Functional Analysis I.                                                    A
Functional Analysis II.                                                   A
Quantum Mechanics I.                                                      A
Quantum Mechanics II.                                                     A
Methods of Theoretical Physics.                                           A-
Knots and 3-manifolds.                                                    A
Math Found. of Quantum Mechanics I.                                       A
Math Found. of Quantum Mechanics II.                                      A
General Relativity and Cosmology.                                         A
Homological Algebra.                                                      A
Advanced Quantum Theory I.                                                A
Advanced Quantum Theory II.                                             Audit
Path Algebras.                                                            A
Graph Theory.                                                           Audit
Representations of Algebras.                                              A 
K-Theory Seminar. 
Groups in Modern Physics Seminar. 
Student Vector Bundles and Characteristic Classes Seminar. 
*       These courses were petitioned for honors credit and thus included 
        additional independent research.
**      These courses included laboratory work.
***     These courses were taken as independent study courses.



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