The file for download below is a zipped database of Odd Primitive Abundant Numbers, with from 1 to 6 distinct prime factors, as found by Jacob Liddy in: An algorithm to determine all odd primitive abundant numbers with d divisors, Honors Research Projects (2018), 728.

The numbers are presented with a list of their factors, followed by the multiplicities of those factors. Thus to search for a number, after unzipping into a folder, pipe the files through grep with the regular expression prime1*prime2*...*prime6 in increasing order.

The file to download. [Five hundred megabytes even when zipped]

The OPANS as a sequence, at the OEIS.

The OPANS as a triangle, at the OEIS.

The number of OPANS with n distinct prime factors, at the OEIS.

Revision Date: 9/18/2018