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Math 210: Calculus with Business Applications; Summer 2018.

MoTuWeThFr 2:15PM - 3:45PM Arts & Sci 137

Instructor: Dr. Stefan Forcey Textbook: Required:

Course Syllabus.
The syllabus will include information about grading policies, exam schedules and policies, etc.


    Course Outline with dates:

    July 16: Day one.
    Chapter sections.
    July 20: Last day to drop.
    TEST 1.
    Aug 17: Last day.

Homework and Quizzes
Homework problems will be posted here. Homework will be assigned but usually NOT graded.
However we will have one or two quizzes almost every week, and the quiz problems will be either exactly or almost exactly right off the homework.
No makeup quizzes will be given, but 15 quiz/homework points will be dropped.


Below are some easy sample programs to get started! To see the code, add this term to the beginning of each URL: view-source:
...or after clicking on a linked program then click on tools and developer tools, and then look at elements (in Chrome) or script (in Explorer).

This one just prints Hello World to the screen and the console. To see the latter, open tools and developer tools, and then look at console.

This one calculates the value of sin(x)/x for any input.

This one animates sin(x)/x with zoomability.

For really learning JavaScript I recommend the free book Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke.

Here is a great tutorial by Matt Mongeau for writing javascript games.
Here's the Pvs.P Awesome Pong variation William and I wrote using Mr. Mongeau's code:
top player uses a-w-s-d, bottom uses arrows; first to 10 points wins.
Here's William's Mouse-over mole game.
Mouse over the mole to gain as many points as you can in 30 seconds. My high score is 229.

MOOCulus is a nice open online calc 1 course from OSU, by Jim Fowler.
WebAssign has online practice problems, tutorials, ebook and more.
Here's the link to the text website .
Here is the student solution manual (buy or rent)
..and the study guide .
...while looking for these I noticed that cramster/Chegg has answers to problems in Stewarts.
In Bierce, lower floor, there will also be available tutoring .
For integration, you can't beat wolfram alpha , now providing 3d graphs of surfaces while finding indefinite double integrals
and definite double integrals .
Step by step solutions are available too: 3 a day with free account signup.
Here is another with e.
Here is an example with variable limits (non-rectangular domain of integration ).
Here is a triple integral.
Here is one with polar coordinates .

The text of this page was adapted, with permission, from an original course site by J.P. Cossey.