Ordinary Differential Equations, Kreider, Summer 2018

Policy sheet and syllabus
Suggested homework problems
Anticipated schedule
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Collected Work Schedule

Quiz 1 answer key
Quiz 2 answer key
Quiz 3 answer key
Quiz 3B answer key


Exam 1 material

Integration review
Visualizing solutions
Direction Fields
First Order Application Worksheet
Application Worksheet Annotations
3 worked problems
5 more worked problems
Note on exact equations
Modeling Problem Worksheet
Review problems
Preparation for Exam 1
Quick Skills Review for Exam 1
Quick Skills Review for Exam 1: Key
Worksheet for Exam 1
Worksheet Key
Exam 1 Sample A
Exam 1 Sample A Key
Exam 1 Sample B
Exam 1 Sample B Key

Exam 2 material

Euler's Formula
Higher Order Solution Forms
Undetermined coefficient examples
Answer Key for Spring Mass Worksheet
Interpretation of spring mass systems
Some second order problems
Second order answer key
Setting up spring mass problems
Concept Worksheet for Exam 2
Concept Worksheet answer key
Exam 2 Class Review Sheet
Exam 2 Class Review Answers
Preparation for Exam 2
Quick Skills Review for Exam 2
Quick Skills Review for Exam 2: Key
Exam 2 Sample A
Exam 2 Sample A Key
Exam 2 Sample B
Exam 2 Sample B Key

Exam 3 material

Laplace Transform Table
Partial fraction forms
Partial fraction examples
Example A details
Shifting examples
Preparation for Exam 3
Quick Skills Review for Exam 3
Quick Skills Review for Exam 3: Key
Typical types of problems
Typical types: solutions
Exam 3 Sample A
Exam 3 Sample A Key
Exam 3 Sample B
Exam 3 Sample B Key
A series example with and without sigma notation, to show the sigma notation helps at the end of a problem
Preparation for Final Exam