3450:223 Calculus III, Kreider, Fall 2016

Final Preparation Sheet

Preparation Sheet
The final is on Tuesday 13 December, 7:15am to 9:45am, in KOLBE 51
Sample problems
Answers part 1
Answers part 2

Policy sheet
Anticipated class and assignment schedule
Suggested homework
Office Hours: MTWF 9-10, Th 1-2 and by appointment

Collected Work Schedule

Quiz 1 problems, due on Wed 31 Aug
Quiz 1 key
Quiz 2 key
Quiz 3 key
Quiz 4 key
Quiz 5 key
Quiz 6 key
Quiz 7 key
Quiz 8 key
Quiz 9 key
Quiz 9.5 key
Quiz 10 key
Quiz 11 key
Quiz 12 key
Quiz 13 key
Quiz 14 key
Quiz 15 key
Quiz 16 key
Quiz 17 key
Quiz 18 key

Exam 1 materials

Preparation Sheet for Exam 1
Sample Problems for Exam 1
Answer Key for Sample Problems 1
Summer Sample Exam 1
Summer Sample Exam Key 1
Fall/Spring Sample Exam 1
Fall/Spring Sample Exam Key 1

Exam 2 materials

Preparation Sheet for Exam 2
Sample Problems for Exam 2
Answer Key for Sample Problems 2
Exam 2 Review Problems
Summer Sample Exam 2
Summer Sample Exam Key 2
Fall/Spring Sample Exam 2
Fall/Spring Sample Exam Key 2
3 integrals
Sample problems for double integrals

Exam 3 materials

Preparation Sheet for Exam 3
Sample Problems for Exam 3 and beyond (later problems are for the final)
Answer Key for Sample 3 Problems
Summer Sample Exam 3
Summer Sample Exam Key 3
Fall/Spring Sample Exam 3
Fall/Spring Sample Exam Key 3
Line integral sample problems
Line integral sample key
Find a potential for F(x,y,z)

Exam 4 materials - Summer

Preparation Sheet for Exam 4
Summer Sample Exam 4
Summer Sample Exam Key 4

Final materials -- Fall or Spring

Preparation Sheet for the Final
Study the three semester exams for review, focusing on the topics on the preparation sheet
Additional exams may found on Dr. Clemons' and Dr. Norfolk's web pages:
Dr. Clemons
Dr. Norfolk


intersections.pdf: parameterizations of intersections of 2 surfaces
multivariate.pdf: surface plot, traces and level curves
limitplots.pdf: some examples of limits for f(x,y)