The AcroTeX Online Practice and Assessment Center

This page is the starting point for a system of online practice and assessment in Calculus, it is intended to complement the e-Calculus tutorial and my own in-class courses in Calculus. This material may prove useful to others as well.

The material uses "The AcroTeX Online Assessment System'' (taoas). All material is in PDF, Adobe Reader 5.0 or greater strongly recommended. If you do not have this version of the Acrobat Reader, or any version at all, for that matter, the Reader 6.0, which is free, can be downloaded here: Get Acrobat 6.0

Important: Go to the How To Tutorial . The AcroTeX Online Assessment System can pose multiple choice, math fill-in and text fill-in questions. This file is a tutorial on what to operate the system, and more importantly, how to enter your answer in the math fill-in type question. The file mrules_p.pdf is a printable version of the rules for entering mathematics, print it out and use it has a handy reference.

Calculus I
  Mechanics Problems
Differentiation: Power Rule and Trig Functions Practice   Quiz  
Differentiation: Addition, Product and Quotient Rules Practice   Quiz  
The Chain Rule Practice   Quiz

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