PDF Student Manipulatives

Last Update: 3/13/2007

As time permits, I'll publish some files for the students to explore calculus concepts.

College Algebra

Reader 7.0+

(3/13/07) Demonstrates common graphical transformations, vertical and horizontal shifting, vertical and horizontal compressing and stretching.

Calculus I

Reader 5.0+

(1/17/02) A demo of dynamic graphing within a PDF document. Uses an undocumented JavaScript method.
Newton's Method  

Reader 5.0+

(4/16/02) A demo that illustrates Newton's Method. A student enters the function, its derivative, and an initial value, and the corresponding solution to the equation f(x)=0 is estimated.

Calculus II
Estimating the Natural Number e

Reader 5.0+
(9/4/03) An interactive experience for estiimating the value of the natural number e.
Numerical Integration using JavaScript

Reader 4.0+
(3/3/01) It approximates the value of a definite integral using Trapezoidal Rule and Simpson's Rule.



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