PDF Classroom Demonstrations

Last Update: 5/2/2000

Over the next year, I will be developing a series of classroom slide shows in the Portable Document Format (PDF) for my calculus classes illustrating some of the major concepts from the Calculus sequence.

It is best to download the file (right-click on your choice) to your local system and look at them off-line. For classroom demonstrations, view the slide show in Full Screen mode. It is best to use Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher /

Calculus I
The Tangent Line Problem The solution to the tangent line problem is illustrated as the limit of slopes of the approximating secant lines. Page through the slides, then return to the beginning and click on the green left triangle, then page through by clicking on the green right triangle.
Newton's Method  Illustrates Newton's Method of approximating the roots of an equation. Slide show with discussion and two examples. Examples may be printed, copied and distributed to students.

Calculus II
Numerical Integration using JavaScript This is a "hands-on" PDF file for students. It approximates the value of a definite integral using Trapezoidal Rule and Simpson's Rule.


PDF Presentations using (La)TeX

The above classroom slides were written in AmsTeX2.1 and use PSTricks (Catalogue Description) to build the graphs. (PSTricks was written by Timothy van Zandt and the package is now maintained by Denis Girou. PSTrick has a homepage at TUG headquarters.)

The slides are my own creation based on the macros developed for e-Calculus. I use the YandY TeX system and my macro packages will generally not work with the freeware systems available to TeX users. However, if you want to create your own presentations or slides, there are a number of options available to you.

See the PDF Presenations page for additional discussion of public tools that can be used to create presenations from a LaTeX source.


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