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GraphicxSP is an extension of the graphicx package. GraphicxSP embeds the graphic in the PDF document once, and allows the document author to use and re-use that same graphic without significantly increasing the file size. Additionally, GraphicxSP supports Adobe transparency imaging model.

GraphicxSP is useful for repeated graphics like backgrounds, watermarks, company/universit logos and so on. The graphics produced by GraphicxSP appears to be clearer at high zoom factors than the same graphic produced by the classic Graphic package. Restriction:

This package requires that the PDF be created by Adobe Distiller, version 5.0 or greater for graphics without transparency, version 5.0 with transparency.

The Package files and Documentation:
Place the following files, the components of the web and exerquiz packages, in a folder where LaTeX looks for package files:

  • This zip files contains all packages, installation files, and source files for the demo files.
  • GraphicxSP Documentation: Documentation also included in the zip file.
  • Though AeB is not a requirement for this package, there are some examples that use this wonderful package. Get the latest or the Acrobat form examples will not work properly. The AeB web site has full documentation and examples there, the contains only the documentation and the packages.

Demo Files for GraphicxSP: The following are early examples of GraphicxSP, the demo files distributed with this package are modifications of these:

  • smask_grad.pdf: (01/02/08) Some experiments on using soft masks. Some interesting stuff. I haven't updated GraphicSP yet, so the source is not available yet.
  • eastern_trip.pdf: A photo album of selected pictures of our trip to the eastern U.S. this past spring. The album illustrates much of the features of GraphicxSP, including an interesting rollover effect. Rollover the thumbnails and click to see the photo. Acrobat 6/Adobe Reader 6 or greater required.
  • grxsp_test.pdf, a demonstration of a new package, graphicxsp. This package hooks into the graphicx package and uses the \includegraphics command to show graphics on the page. The package uses the BP, EP, SP PostScript operators to embed an eps file and to show it. The package supports dvipsone and dvips, and requires distiller to make the PDF (possibly, GhostScript will work as well, but I don't work with GhostScript). The demo file also demonstrates the use of the SetTransparency pdfmark with several special effects using transparency.
  • grxsp_compare.pdf, this file does a comparison beween the images produced by graphicx and the ones produced by graphicxsp.
  • grxsp_forms.pdf, a demonstration of graphicxsp to create form field appearances. This document also uses layers. Version 6.0 or later required for layers. Please report if the form fields crash Adobe Reader or Acrobat. They work perfectly in Acrobat Pro 8.1.

Please contact me at should you encounter any problems, or have suggestions (features) to make.


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