Grade School Sample Files

Last Update: 5/7/2004

As my son goes through grade school, I will occassionally create some help files for him to practice is math/arithmetic. Below as some files I've prepared for him, in some cases, I"ve included the source files as well, in case you want to prepare your own practice set., perhaps putting in a short tutorial on fractions. The latest AcroTeX eDucation Bundle (5/13/04) is required to compile the source files.

PDF Source Description

Reader 5.0+ (5/13/2004) .A demo file and tutorial on rounding fractions.

Reader 5.0+ (5/13/2004) Demo file and tutorial on writing equivalent fractions and reducing fractions to lowest terms.

Reader 5.0+ (5/13/2004) A demo file on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. This document can use the rich text capabilities of Adobe Reader 6.0.

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