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eCards Package
The eCards package for LaTeX enables you to create a series of electronic (flash) cards. The demo file for this package is named eCardstst.pdf. The document author provides questions, hints and answers to a series of questions. Users can test their knowledge by responding to the questions. The questions are delivered in random order.

The Distribution

Note: This package requires the The AcroTeX eDucation Bundle.
The idea for the creation of this package was suggested to me by Dr. Thomas Price. I wrote an early version of this package of him and one of his honors students, Ms. Katie Jones. Together they've produced electronic flash cards for Trigonometry, see Learning Trig using Online Flash Cards.

Jürgen Gilg and Simon Singer ( offer up this beautiful example of eCards. The eKarten are in German and cover some ideas from the Cartesian Coordinate System.

Hope someone finds this package useful.

Now, I've simply must get back to work!