A Do-It-Yourself Series of Lessons
on Web Design, the Hyperref, Web
and Exerquiz Packages

Background: This series of lessons were originally prepared for a two-day workshop (six one-hour lectures) on LaTeX/PDF that I gave at the College of the Redwoods, April 30-May 1, 1999, at the invitation of David Arnold. They were revised for the workshop I gave at the 20th Annual Meeting of the TeX User's Group, August 15-16, 1999, in Vancouver, BC, CA. (Program and Preprints from that Conference are available, see the AcroTeX Web Site.)

Description: These "do-it-yourself" tutorials begin with a discussion of good Web Design and use of Color (the color package); then introduces the hyperref package with its large number of options; next up, the author proposes the web package as an example of a useful web design for pdf documents; and finally, the exerquiz package is surveyed, with examples.

File Listing:

Download the Lessons and support files (AcroTeX Bundle and hyperref not included) can be downloaded in the zip file diytut.zip.

Please contact me at dpstory@uakron.edu should you encounter any problems, or have suggestions to make, or want to contribute a lesson!




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