Representations of finite groups

Mostly I study the representations of solvable groups. In particular I am interested in the relationship between representations in characteristic zero and representations in characteristic p. I also am interested in the representations of the symmetric groups and their related combinatorics. Here are some published papers, some preprints, and some notes:


Work with students
I've supervised a number of student research projects. Here are the final reports.
  • A beginning of an attempt to determine a generating function for Fayers partitions and their corresponding representations of the symmetric group. This is work I did with Brendan Fry at the University of Arizona as part of an undergraduate research project.
  • I supervised an undergraduate research project on the representations of the braid group with Jacob White in Spring of 2006 at the University of Arizona, and here is the final report that Jacob turned in. I think it's pretty nice, and it asks some interesting questions.
Here are some other topics I have been interested in.
  • For a class my final year of grad school I wrote a little expository paper about the connection between representations of finite groups and wireless multiple antenna designs.

Slides from some talks I've given