Math 411/511: Abstract Algebra I; Section 1, Fall 2011.

Time and Location: MWF 1:10 to 2:00 in Leigh 510.

Instructor: Dr. James (JP) Cossey
  • Office: CAS 234
  • Office Phone: 330 972 8127
  • Email is (which is the best way to get a hold of me)
  • Office hours:
    • Tuesday 10-11
    • Thursday 1-2
    • Friday 10-11
  • If you can't make my office hours, let me know and we can try to set up a time to meet. Here is my schedule for the spring semester.
Textbook: Required: "Contemporary Abstract Algebra; 7th Edition", by Joseph A. Gallian.

Course Syllabus.
The syllabus will include information about grading policies, exam schedules and policies, etc. You should definitely read it.
Here's an approximate schedule of what we'll be doing this semester. Emphasis on the "approximate".

There will be homework assigned weekly, and the assignments will be posted here.
Poster info: For those of you who want your poster laminated and printed up nice (courtesy of the geology department), here is a template of a power point file that you can use. If you want to do this, you should email me the file by Friday, November 18th to give them time to get it printed and laminated. This is certainly not required, but it will make it look nice. Also, if you're doing this, please keep it to a size of 24 by 42 inches (otherwise DocuZip will not be able to laminate it). If you want to do a "standard" poster, the department will order trifold posters, but let me know ASAP so we know how many to order. Either way, you need to have a mock-up to me by Thanksgiving break.
  • Exam 1: Friday, September 30th in class. Here is a sample exam for the first exam. We haven't quite covered all of these topics yet, so feel free to skip 9 and 11, and 12 is a good challenge problem. Also, some of these problems are probably a little harder than I would put on a fifty minute exam, but if you can do all of these, you should be in good shape for the exam.
  • Exam 2: Friday, November 18th in class. Here is a sample exam for the second exam.
  • Final Exam: Thursday December 8th, 2-3:55 PM in the regular classroom. Here is a practice final exam, though please don't think that just because something isn't on here that it's not fair game for the final.