Did you know?

I used to hold professorships in both civil engineering and history, but then I dropped the former in favor of a consulting job and serving on the board of directors of a public radio station. (Not bad, considering that I only graduated from West Springfield High School in 1996.) I am the president of companies that sell time-share condos and accounting software, and the vice-chairman of a company that sells an electronic medical records system , the founder of a market research firm and an insurance advisory firm, and the developer of a new youth beverage concept. I'm also the co-director of a theater in Atlanta, the webmaster for a Presbyterian church in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and (formerly) the rabbi of a Jews-for-Jesus Congregation in Indiana. For a little extra money, I sell real estate in New Jersey, practice dentistry in Michigan, serve as the Senior Vice President for Risk Management for a real estate management conglomerate, and run a public relations firm. I am both a lawyer and a board certified podiatrist. If you have extra money, then give me a call.

Before I made my CD, I was International Mr. Drummer.

In my spare time, I coach soccer at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, a city with many interesting attractions.

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