Departmental Freshman Scholarship Application


The Department of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics has scholarships that may be awarded to incoming University of Akron freshman majoring in mathematics.These competitive scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic performance.If you want to be considered for such an award, please complete this form and send it to the address below.Applicants must have a mathematics teacher who is familiar their your performance send a letter of recommendation to the same address.This form and the separate letter should be received by the beginning of March.We expect that awards will be determined by the beginning of April of each year.Awards are presented at the Departmentís annual Pi Mu Epsilon banquet, which is usually held in mid to late April.



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Please print the name of teacher who will send a letter of recommendation:


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Please consider me for a scholarship in the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics




This completed form and the letter of recommendation should be sent separately to:


Scholarship Committee

Department of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics

The University of Akron

Akron, Ohio44325-4002


This application is only for the Department of Theoretical and Applied Mathematics scholarships.Contact the Financial Aid Office at The University of Akron (330-972-7032) for further information on other University of Akron scholarships.