Admissions to Mathematics Master's Program

The Mathematics programs are open to students with undergraduate in mathematics, engineering or the sciences. Applicants will normally have completed mathematics courses through calculus, with advanced undergraduate courses appropriate to their major.

Applicants for the Master's program: are expected to have completed Advanced Calculus I (3450:521) and Abstract Algebra I (3450:511). Applicants who are qualified otherwise but have not completed all these courses will have the missing requirement(s) added to their program of study.

Graduate School Requirements: The Graduate School at The University of Akron requires at least a 2.75/4.0 undergraduate grade point average for admissioni to the Master's Program. Applicants for admission to the Ph.D. program should have at least a 3.0 GPA if they are undergraduates or 3.5 GPA if they are entering with a Master's degree.

Applicants for either program must submit a Graduate School Application form and arrange to have official transcripts of grades and their GPA sent to the Graduate School.

Native Language not English: Applicants whose native language is not English must have a satisfactory TOEFL score and must also submit their score on the Test of Written English. If such an applicant is also requesting an assistantship then the Test of Spoken English score must be submitted. For further details, please consult the graduate catalog.

Download graduate school and assistantship applications online at: