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 Homogenization and Materials Science


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Supported by NSF Grant DMS-0072259, the College of Arts and Sciences and the Deptartment of Mathematics and Computer Science at The University of Akron

An International Conference,
Homogenization and Materials Science,
in honor of the late Professor Ulrich Hornung
of Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany
will take place at the University of Akron, Akron, Ohio,
September 15-17, 2000.

Our Mission

Identify future directions in homogenization theory based upon the current needs of modern technology.  In short, which problems should be solved.  For the latter purpose a panel discussion will play a key role.  In particular this panel discussion on future directions in homongenization should be of great interest to those early in their career.  Prior to the panel discussion we plan to have a presentation given by one of the leading scientists from inductry or government labs.  This presentation will address the practical needs for homongenization research.
Identify newly developed sophisticated mathematical tools and fundamental issues in homogenization theory.  Provide guidance as to how these tools should be utilized and further developed in order to enhance the use of homogenization methods in material design.
Examine the solution of specific materials problems and through this bridge the gap between recent advances in the applied mathematics community and the materials science community.
Bring together new and experienced researchers in materials modeling, computations and related topics.  We plan to support a number of graduate student participants and junior researchers to promote the research topics of the younger generation of researchers.
Promote interaction between applied mathematicians and materials scientists.
Coordinate efforts of the European and U.S. communities working on homogenization problems and applications in materials science.

In the long range the proposed conference should impact modern technology through the design of new materials with specified and superior properties, such as, for example, smart materials.

Conference Schedule

The conference will take place in the Goodyear Auditorium of the Goodyear Polymer Center at The University of Akron, September 15-17, 2000.  Speaker sessions will be ninety minutes in length with each speaker allotted thirty minutes for presentation and questions.  On September 15th, we plan to have two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions and a reception in the evening.  Two morning sessions, an afternoon poster session, and a panel discussion are scheduled for September 16.  The conference banquet will be held the evening of September 16.   On September 17, we plan two morning sessions followed by informal discussions.   We shall provide coffee breaks for the participants so that there will be more opportunity for scientific discussions and interactions between the participants.

Organizing Committee

The organizing committee consists of:

USA -  L. Berlyand (University of Akron), S.I. Hariharan (University of Akron), A. Friedman (University of Minnesota), W. Mattice (University of Akron, Polymer Science Department), and J. Young (University of Akron)

FRANCE - D. Cioranescu (University of Pierre et  Marie Curie-Paris VI), A. Damlamian (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris)

DENMARK - M. Bendsoe (Technical University of Denmark Mathematical Institut Lyngby)

GERMANY - W. Jäger (Applied Analysis, Institut fur Angewandte Mathematik, Heidelberg)


Scientific Committee

The scientific committee includes:

        J-L. Lions, honorary chair
        A. Leonov
        L. Berlyand
        J. Douglas
        S. Hariharan
        J. Young
        W. Jäger


Questions and Comments:

Click here to contact the organizing committee.

Last modified: January 07, 2000