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This collection of inquiry-based lessons in recursion is a work in progress.  They aim to provide a resource for mathematics teachers interested on the use of graphinc calculators, dynamic geometry software (DGS) and the inquiry-based (IB) approach in their classrooms. To the best of our knowledge, the lessons are original work; materials used from other sources are cited within the lessons. 

Lessons are catagorized for use with various technology, particularly the TI-NSpire graphing calculator from Texas Instruments.

 The lessons are been developed under the guidance of Dr. Antonio R. Quesada by students of the course “Math Technology and Communication” and by participant teachers in the summer workshops “Seleted Topics in Secondary Mathematics for HS Teachers Grades 8-12, Parts I and II, offered at The University of Akron.

 An link is included to a list of contributors and their lessons.

 Users of these lessons are encouraged to submit corrections and/or suggestions on how to improve them.  Readers are encouraged to submit additional lessons on missing topics using the same format.  An editorial committee will review any lesson submitted prior to being accepted or rejected.  Once a lesson is accepted the author(s) will be acknowledged in the index.

 The following institutions have provided initial support for the development of lessons or for the workshops: The Ohio Department of Education Mathematics Initiative Grant, The University of Akron Graduate School Tuition Scholarships and TI price reduction equipment grants, the Board of Regents Title II Program, The Knight Foundation (with the Summit Education Initiative as a fiscal agent), and The University of Akron.



Spreadsheet Savvy


Number and Number Relations


Using the TI-73


Using the TI-34 II


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