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Inquiry-Based Lessons and Laboratories Format


Each lesson consists of three parts, the lesson plan, the laboratory, and the solution

The lesson plan is designed for the teacher and consists of the following components:

  • Lesson title with an optional introduction to the topic.
  • Existing knowledge that students are presumed to have.
  • The NCTM and/or the state strandards met by the lesson.
  • The Learning objectives.  The complexity of these objectives will dictate the number of laboratories needed.
  • Materials needed, if any.
  • Suggested procedure
    • Set attention getter
    • Decide how to group the students, if a particular method is recommended
    • Assessment
  •  Optional review

The laboratory is designed for the student and consists of:

  • Lab title
  • Team members’ names & file name
  • Lab’s Goal(s)
  • Investigation
    • Consists of a guided procedure leading the students through questions to investigate key properties, in every stage of the construction, which propitiates the analysis of the result under consideration. 
    • It should proceed through inquiry, and take full advantage of the dynamic nature of this software promoting as much as possible the “explore-discover- conjecture-test-summarize” model.
    • Students should be asked to summarize in their own words each property found. 
    • Further refining of these summaries will contribute to improve their mathematical writing and to better understand the properties. 
    • Whenever possible the labs should include extensions designed to challenge the best students.
    • Applications to real world situations involving the property being study should precede or follow the laboratory.

The solution is designed for the teacher; it aims to further clarify the procedures and results that students are expected to find.


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