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Summary for High Schools



Description of procedure for carrying out lesson lab

  • Get students familiar with calculators and software
  • Students should work in groups of two or three
  • Worksheet should guide students through activity
  • Assessment by quiz, observation, oral presentation, or grading of worksheets
  • Student-led presentations of lesson exercises to the whole class
  • Teachers use calculators as reinforcements to traditional instruction

Problems teachers faced while teaching the lesson to their students

  • Limited time during class
  • Lack of calculator knowledge among students
  • Length of time adjusted for level of students
  • Lack of overhead display for demonstrations
  • Students don't have easy access to computers
  • Inability to edit downloaded labs (if in .pdf form)
  • Technology (calculators/software) not available
  • Students distracted by online websites and games.

Students' mathematical responses and personal reactions to the lesson

  • Students enjoyed the change of pace presented by the lesson
  • Students were challenged by the investigation
  • Visual and hands-on approach helped students to comprehend the mathematics involved
  • The lesson was used as reinforcement for the classroom objectives
  • Students found the lab to be relevant to their learning
  • Students able to apply lab content to other learning situations
  • Some students complained about having to use technology (calculator anxiety)
  • Some students did not delve into project, and did only minimum work
  • Some students worked together well for a common goal, but typical problems existed with groupwork (one person doing all work, others exhibiting off-task behavior)t
  • Students experienced difficulty in translating mathematical concepts into real life applications
  • With lots of preparation, students were able to make the connection from traditional instruction to using the calculator

Lab assessment / goals met

  • Student survey or written comments
  • Traditional formal assessment (quiz, test, discussion)
  • Student presentations
  • Teacher observation of student interaction within groups
  • Some groups did written summary of their work
  • Informal or formal rubrics
  • Goals were achieved

5)   Suggestions for improvement

  • More student preperation time in calculator or software usage prior to lesson
  • Check to make certain all equipment works, double-check the availability and quantity of resources needed
  • Have students extend lesson lab
  • Use the lab as a reinforcement of topic, rather than new learning
  • Planning, planning, planning

6)   Other comments

  • The calculator is a good manipulative that reinforces classroom concepts
  • Teachers would like more labs, categorized for future use
  • Teachers and students appreciate seeing other teacher works/approaches.
  • The workshop/retreat needs to be held later in the school year
  • Difficulty with downloading lesson labs encountered, due to school "technology firewalls"
  • Have additonal copy in Adobe or Word format
  • Lesson labs recently not found on server
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