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Algebra II

Many of the lessons linked below were written by pre-service teachers in classes and in-service teachers in workshops conducted by Dr. Antonio Quesada, at the University of Akron (Ohio).  To the best of our knowledge, the lessons are original work; materials used from other sources are cited within the lessons. 

Lessons are labeled, whenever possible, to indicate technology used within the lesson.  Most lessons developed using one technology can be adapted for use with other technologies.  Lessons using TI Nspire calculators (CAS and non-CAS) are labeled as such.  Some of the Nspire lessons are written in document form, while others are downloadable .tns files that can be uploaded into your Nspire calculators.

An link to lesson contributors is at the bottom of this page.

Users of these lessons are encouraged to submit corrections and/or suggestions on how to improve them.  Readers are encouraged to submit additional lessons on missing topics using the same format.  An editorial committee will review any lesson submitted prior to being accepted or rejected.  Once a lesson is accepted, the author(s) will be acknowledged in the index.

The following institutions have provided initial support for the development of lessons or for the workshops: the Ohio Department of Education Mathematics Initiative Grant, The Ohio Department of Education, The University of Akron Graduate School Tuition Scholarships and TI price reduction equipment grants, the Board of Regents Title II Program, The Knight Foundation (with the Summit Education Initiative as a fiscal agent), and The University of Akron.



High School Level

Finding the Vertex of a Quadratic Equation

Middle School Level


High School and Middle School Level

Solving Equations by Factoring

Systems of Equations

Other Algebra II IB Lessons

(specific technology indicated when used)

High School Level


High School and Middle School Level

Three Forms of Quadratic Functions - Other

Middle School Level


The Relationships of Quadratic Functions and their Graphs & Parabola Investigation Packet



Families of Functions

Lab II of Families of Functions

Exponential Equations and Graphs

Triangular Pursuit

Applying Quadratic Equations to find Maxima

Maximizing Cartons per Pallet

Lab for Maximizing Cartons per Pallet

Solving Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Slope and Intercept

Domain and Range

End Behavior of Rational Functions


Introduction to Functions

Local Maxima and Minima

Perpendicular Lines


Zeros (Roots) of Polynomials


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